Soul@Work isn’t just about team building, it creates the foundation for behavior and culture change in the workplace. The curriculum was developed in 2018 by a team of organizational development experts, strategists, educators, makers, and woodworkers, with the intention of leveraging the lessons learned by artists and makers to solve some of the toughest problems holding many organizations back.

In the research on organizational behavior and development – and in our work every day – we see the same issues holding teams and companies back. Low sense of commitment to the objective of the company, lack of trust, difficulty solving problems, inability to resolve conflict. We can go on and on. At the same time – when leadership of a company tries to be innovative with a new plan, direction or product – teams scramble to rearrange all of the things they are currently doing to try and fit the new direction.
As a culture – we have a deep fear of vulnerable, especially in the workplace. But in order for teams and organizations to be effective – they have to normalize creativity to allow for failure, approach each new direction as a blank canvas and leverage their resources and constraints to get there; and they have to fearlessly walk the vulnerable path of trying and failing until they get it right.

One of the best ways to solve problems is to look at how the core elements of the problem are addressed in different spaces. We love being surrounded by people who make things – because makers approach what we call blank canvas problems every day – they identify their objective–recognize their resources and constraints, and leverage them both to create a plan that is flexible enough to be innovative in creating a prototype. When they come to a problem during implementation and process – they approach it with fresh perspective and curiosity for learning every single time. They will be ¾ of the way through something, and they realize that they don’t know what they don’t know – but they keep going anyway. When they get to the inevitable place in the process of doing something new – where they see there is a little – sometimes a lot – of tension between their original objective or vision – and realistically where they are headed – they naturally just make the decision to either adapt their vision, or go back to the blank canvas and start again.

Soul@Work helps your team become ‘novices’ again, and overcome the psychological barriers of approaching new tasks and skills.

Soul@Work: A collaboration between different worlds.

Soulcraft is a do-it-yourself fabrication space, education center, and incubator of craft, creativity, and community. In its 18,000 square foot shop, it offers tools -access, classes, and studio space in woodworking, metalworking, digital design, 3-D printing, and electronics.

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